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High School Graduation

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete their final six (6) credits (usually equivalent to 12 courses) through Park City Independent to receive a diploma through our high school program.

The prospective graduate is responsible for providing records of all previously completed high school coursework in the form of an official transcript. Although Park City Independent can request transcripts from a student’s previous school, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that transcripts are received by PCI.

Required Courses

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Subject Required Credits Required Courses
Language Arts 4 ELA 9 A&B, 10 A&B, 11 A&B, 12 A&B
Social Studies 2.5 World History I A&B, US History A&B, US Government, Economics
Mathematics 3 Algebra 1 A&B, Geometry A&B, Algebra II A&B
Science 3 Physcial or Environmental A&B, Biology A&B, Chemstry or Physics A&B
World Languages 0 2-4 credits recommended in one language for college prep
Subject Required Credits Required Courses
Fine Arts or Career & Technical 1 Contact us for the latest.
Additional Elective 8 Choose from any course on the course list to complete elective requirements


Graduation Application

Before graduating, students must complete an academic review to determine if graduation requirements have been met.

  • To begin this process, a student must submit a graduation application.
  • Submitting a graduation application does not certify that a student will be cleared for graduation.
  • If the review proves that additional credits are needed, a student must complete them before being able to graduate.
  • If graduation is denied, the student will be notified in writing and the results of the academic review will be made available.