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Admissions Consultants

For applications, registration, enrollment, tuition, course changes, etc:
Call: 888-866-4989
Email: admissions@edgenuity.com
Bookings: www.edgenuity.com/admissions-bookings

Technical Support

For issues with your courses or the platform:
Call: 877-202-0338
Email: customersupport@edgenuity.com
Please be sure to have your computer with you so you can troubleshoot live.

On-Demand Tutoring

Within core classes (English, math, science, social studies, Spanish, and French) students can chat with on-demand tutors for 1:1 content assistance. Once inside your classroom for Spanish, French, or core classes, you will see the “Chat with a Tutor” button.

Please note that tutors cannot unlock tests, help with quiz/assessment questions, or perform teacher functions. To contact your teacher, please log into your dashboard, click on course information, and view your teacher contact information, or message them directly through the “Messages” tab on your dashboard.

Hours: Tutors are available to chat 7 days/week.