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Admissions Consultants

For applications, registration, enrollment, tuition, course changes, etc:
Call: 888-866-4989
Email: pci@ilacademies.com
Bookings: Book a 1:1 meeting

Technical Support

For issues with your courses or the platform:
Call: 877-202-0338
Email: customersupport@edgenuity.com
Please be sure to have your computer with you so you can troubleshoot live.

On-Demand Tutoring

Hours: Tutors are available to chat 7 days/week.

Within core classes (math, science, social studies, English, Spanish, and French) students can chat with on-demand tutors for 1:1 content assistance 7 days/week. Once inside your classroom activity, you will see the “Chat with a Tutor” button.

Please note that tutors cannot unlock tests, help with quiz/assessment questions, or perform teacher functions. To contact your teacher, please log into your dashboard and click on “Course Information” to view your teacher’s contact information; or, message your teacher directly through the “Messages” tab on your dashboard.