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Park City Independent is constantly growing as we add new high-quality courses in grades 6–12. Please contact admissions to discuss specific courses.

Online Courses Overview

Park City Independent uses the Imagine Edgenuity curriculum for online course content. Park City Independent does not offer Honors, AP, or GED testing/courses. We are not NCAA-approved.

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Language Arts Courses

In grades 6-12, students are required to take a language arts course and an additional classic novels course.

Students graduating through PCI will be required to take ELA 9, ELA 10, ELA 11, and ELA 12.

Social Studies Courses

Students may choose from a variety of courses.

Students graduating through PCI will be required to take U.S. History, World History, Economics, and Civics/Government.


Our math courses provide students with opportunities to explore and discover algebraic principles prior to the lecture on their own and through lab activities. Students model and solve real-world problems using algebra, functions, probability, and data analysis.

Students graduating through PCI will be required to take Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II — or higher-level math classes.


Our science courses include earth science, physical science, biology, chemistry, physics, and middle school life science. Students will learn about the earth’s structure, plate tectonics, biology and genetics, biological history, scientific measurements, properties of matter, and the laws of science that control motion and energy.

Students graduating through PCI will be required to take Biology, physical science, and either chemistry or physics.

Fine Arts

The fine arts program includes a variety of art and art history programs. The Introduction to Art course includes a section about art appreciation and another section about art history. Students will learn about the visual elements of art, art terminology, principles of design, and a variety of creative media.

Physical Education and Health

Our health program teaches students about character development, the varying facets of mental health, stress and its resulting consequences, family relations, emotional development, sexuality, functions and development of the human body, and overall physical well-being. We also include a Physical Education course using activity-based learning that focuses on proper nutrition and the mastery of skills and concepts necessary for students to become accomplished monitors of their personal lifetime fitness.

World Languages

Students can take world language courses online. Our wide selection of world language courses is available for full-time and part-time students.

Computer Science

Our computer science program is designed to help students learn the basics of word processing, electronic spreadsheets, and other computer technology.