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Transfer credits

Transferring GPA & Credit

When in enrolling in Park City Independent and transferring previous course credit into our institution, we will add the previous courses and grades into our transcript analysis to showing previous school, course, and grade. ALL courses and grades will be adapted to our unweighted grading scale.

For example:

Student transfers in a 4.5 weighted GPA the equivalent of the unweighted scale is closer to a 4.0.

Student transfers in a 4.1 weighted GPA, the equivalent of the unweighted scale is closer to a 3.6

Credits transferring

Transferring previous course credit from other institutions will be evaluated and accepted at our discretion. Generally, credit granted by schools accredited through Cognia, or equivalent regional accreditation associations, will be accepted. We reserve the right to deny the transfer of credits. Credits granted from other institutions or home school instruction may be accepted but are subject to in-depth review. Students will be asked to provide an outline of the courses covered and a report of the assignments completed, and grades earned.