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Online Diploma Programs

Park City Independent provides accredited online programs for students in grades 6–12. Students can tailor a program to fit their academic needs and goals; they may participate on a full-time or part-time basis. Students may choose to graduate through Park City Independent or take individual courses.

For individual students of all ages and skill levels, we offer the following options:

  • High school – Accredited diploma program for students in grades 9–12
  • Middle school – Courses and transferrable credits for students in grades 6–8
  • Individual courses – Students pick and choose courses for graduation requirements

Curriculum Solutions

Park City Independent offers quality online curriculum to outside institutions, facilities, and programs serving students in grades 6–12. A full complement of core, foreign language, and elective courses are available to meet individual student needs. Park City Independent also specializes in credit recovery options to help provide an individualized experience.

Whether you are looking to partner with us or you are an individual student looking for more information, let’s talk.

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Park City Independent is a fully accredited online private middle and high school providing quality online courses. Accreditation ensures that any high school diplomas granted are fully recognized diplomas and the credits students earn are transferrable to other academic institutions, much like any public school.

Learn more about Park City Independent’s accreditation by Cognia, the accreditation process, and the six regional organizations that evaluate schools and educational institutions in the United States.