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Introduction to Art

This one-semester course covers art appreciation and the beginning of art history. The first section covers defining art, the cultural purpose of art, visual elements of art, terminology and principles of design, and two and three-dimensional media and techniques. The course is designed to help students appreciate art in their everyday lives. Students explore the various points of view by which people interpret works of art and learn to describe the formal elements (line, color, and shape) of a piece of art. The art history portion of the course covers art from the following time periods and places: prehistoric art, art in ancient civilizations, and world art before 1400.

Art History 1

This one-semester high school course introduces art within a historical, social, geographical, political, and religious context for understanding of art and architecture through the ages. The course is organized by chronological and historical order, and world regions. Topics include Early Medieval Art and Romanesque Art; Art in the 12th, 13th, and 14th Centuries; 15th Century Art in Europe; 16th Century Art in Italy: The Master Artists; High Renaissance and Baroque Art; World Art, which includes the Art of Asia and Art of Africa, the Americas, and the Pacific Cultures; 18th electives and 19th Century Art in Europe and The Americas; and concludes with a modern art unit that covers Modern Art in Europe and the Americas.