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High School Credit Recovery for Adults

Earning your high school diploma as an adult can seem like a difficult task, but it’s definitely not impossible. The Online High School diploma program from park city independent is open to students of all ages, including those who are 18 years or older. An adult high school diploma doesn’t need to take 4 years to complete, in fact, you can complete your diploma much faster online. Park City Independent allows you to transfer your previous high school credits and test through courses that you might have already mastered, enabling you to earn your high school diploma as an adult in a matter of months.

Transfer Your Original High School Credits

Credits earned for high school studies never expire, so the high school classes you’ve taken years ago can count towards your current graduation requirements. The admissions specialists at Park City Independent can request your high school transcripts from whatever public or private schools you may have attended. Our accreditation means that we can accept credits from any public school, as well as any school that has earned regional accreditation.

Earn Credits Based on Your Current Knowledge

One of the distinct benefits of the Park City Independent Online High School is that it is a self-paced program. This enables adult students with additional knowledge of a subject to easily test through a complete course without requiring weeks of studies. Each course is divided into several topic sections, and each topic has a number of subtopics, with a pre-test for each subtopic. Adults who’ve already learned about a specific subtopic will be allowed to skip through a subtopic through pre-testing, and possibly test their way through an entire course. When a student scores well on a pre-test they are allowed to advance through that subsection. If an adult high school student has already learned the majority of the course content, they could test through the entire course in a matter of days.

Earn An Accredited High School Diploma as an Adult

Park City Independent is a Regionally Accredited Online High School with national recognition, the same accreditation as any public high school throughout the United States. Because there’s no age limit for our online high school, we can accept students and award accredited high school diplomas to any age student, including adults. Our flexible course curriculum is perfect for working adults with busy schedules, and our tuition payment plans are easy on the wallet too!

Enroll in an Adult Online High School Program

If you want to learn more about enrolling in Park City Independent’s Adult Online High School, call our admissions specialists at 888.866.4989 option 1,, email admissions@edgenuity.com, or complete the admissions contact form on the right side of the page.